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Lifestyle changes

Me and the Daveman went to Nashville Farmer's Mkt this morning... got a few things ( pictures to come ) .
Then we treated ourself to Athens for breakfast :) .. yum!

Then it was off to Home Depot for mulch to fix the where the garden shed is going to be..

While I was sitting there I thought how far we've come in the past 6 mos. changing our way of living..
we now compost everything.. David is the Recycle King..I've started in earnest to learn how to grow our own food..
What we don't grow I'm slowly moving us to a more local in the way we eat.. I'm shopping at Farmer's Markets more and more.
I carry my bags with me everywhere now..
Our water usage is way down from last year..thanks to drought being over with and with us replacing just some hardware or two on our faucets.
Now try to get the electricity down thats a challenge..
all this and a host of other little things..
And to be quite honest.. sure some of it is hard but its just like any habit it takes time to change your life over .. a lot of reading and not being afraid to ask question to folks that know more than you do..
I've been blessed to making new friends in various groups of folks that seem to be on the same sustainability path that my family has decided to walk on..
Again it hasn't been easy but yet again..it has.. its been fun in some ways..
I believe EVERYONE can do this.. we have NO choice but to do this if you think about it.

So what else was thinking about while sitting there eating? Well I'm glad you asked :)

Stepping it up a notch.

For one stop using plastic bags so much.. Even when I wash them out and reuse them I still too many I feel..
Stepping it up a notch and starting re using all those damn containers I'm saving lol
They hold up better..

Start living closer to home.. if that makes sense..
We now have the Weds Farmer's Mkt to help supply us with during the week.. Its only about 15-20 away from the house..
About the same distance as the Nashville Farmer's Mkt..
Try to keep our shopping no further than these areas.. Which means weaning us off of Walmart.. Which I've wanted to do for a long time..
Aldi's is near.. Plus a host of ethic gros. Including the one at Farmer's mkt..
Not really sure how it will work out with Aldi's . At least Wal mart does have cheap organic food stuff..
Maybe when they get Trader Joe's up and running that can become our store of choice for anything outside of the Farmer's Mkt..
Speaking of food.. step up our shift to a more ethic/veggie way of eating ..
I now have David eating beans :) Yeah! Cheap Cheap Cheap.. and next year I like to be able to grow my own .
Eating from FM and stuff we grow is easy during the summer months.. and our growing season is pretty long here in TN.. But I will have to redo our eating plan for the winter time
Another stepping it up is stop eating out so much .. I've gotten into the habit now days of not cooking. ::hanging head:: I've felt so bad the past few months that I've just about stop cooking.. THAT has got to stop.. the feeling bad and the not cooking..
So the plan is I'm going to the doctors hope in the next couple of weeks.. to see if my bp meds need to be adjusted and or see why I feel so tired all the time.. I'm afraid I'm not going to like the answer.. Diabetes scares the hell out of me.. But I'm done being "tired" all the time

Stepping up a bit by con't to make my own yogurt.. and learning how to make soft cheeses ..

As far as shopping for other things that we need? Well, try to figure out how to use what we already have or if we do need to buy something figure out where we can buy in in this area..

Also I've had a duh moment sitting there.. I take my gro. bags in with every time I go to the gro. store right? Well, start taking my bags in with me where EVERY I shop.. yeah I know its a duh moment for earthwomyn.. I know I worry about me too lol..

Buying presents? Well, from now on if you get one from me it will most likely be either hand made or a gift card from one of our stores around the area chain stores like Home Depot and such or if you live near from one of our local restaurants like Athens or Baja Burritos.. I know these places might not be local to you the person receiving the gift but it will be money spent in my own community..

Con't working with the Flatrock Heritage Association .. And hope to find out who heads up the Woodbine/Flatrock neighborhood Association to join there too..
Hope the community garden turns into something positive.. TC was not impressed with how Metro has handled it so far.. and we are limited in what we can do with it due to the fact the garden is on Metro property .. ::sigh::

And a big stepping up?
We're talking about,possible,could,might be within range buying our house.. I've just got to get the courage talking with our landlord..
If we do we'll keep this house up until we can knock it down and rebuild.. I hate to think of moving.. I've lived here for 12 years now.. I could have bought this house by now..

So thats what's on my mind.. stepping up our lifestyle change.. so here we go!! :)

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